Personal Testimonies

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Personal Testimonies!

These testimonies are provided to encourage everyone who reads them. It is through our personal stories that the works of God are seen with the greatest clarity and power. One of the greatest miracles that God does everyday is when He raises a lost and dead sinner to new life in His Son, Jesus Christ. It is here where the manifestations of God are so powerful and so profound! Those of us who bare our souls, the old scars and wounds do so in the hope that one who is like we were can come to Jesus and be made a new creature, and be given new life in Jesus. In addition for the believer these are here for two main reasons to first give you the courage to share what God has done for you in Christ and secondly to give you hope that though the journey is long and hard their is hope and strength to be found in each other's past, each other's present and each other's future. Remember our stories are a powerful tool in not only displaying the awesome power of Christ, they are also a means of hope to the desperate people who today are walking where we once walked!

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More Testimonies!

More testimonies will be added as people are willing to share what God has done for them in their life!

If you would like to share the testimony of what God has done in your life please contact us!

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