Philosophy of Ministry

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Philosophy of Ministry!

As a ministry I think it is important  for you to understanding, my philosophy of ministry this is one way to help you understand my heart for the ministry to which I have been called. Please understand that this in no way encompasses the entirety of my heart for or philosophy of ministry. No paper can do that adequately, only ones life can do that task.

A preacher once said; “Satan will allow a man to prepare a sermon as long as that man is not preparing himself.” Any philosophy of ministry in my opinion must first deal with ones own preparation.  For me, II Timothy 2:15 sets the personal standard. “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” First, I must be able to present myself to God as a man that is diligent in his study of the Word and further more, being able to understand and accurately present the Word to people whether believers or the lost. I also heed the cry of Peter and must be a representation of II Peter 1:5-7, Applying this diligence, in my faith supply moral excellence, in my moral excellence, knowledge, in my knowledge, self-control, in my self-control, perseverance, in my perseverance, godliness, in my godliness, brotherly kindness, in my brotherly kindness, love.”  Building upon these traits, now I may teach and prepare others to be and do the same.

Ministry is, “serving like Jesus” and I expound that as, serving the Lord, doing His will through my flesh, as Christ did. How does this look? It goes back to the afore mentioned scriptures, it is serving with humility, it matters not whether it is the sermon that needs to be preached, the disciplining that needs to be done, the bathroom that needs to be cleaned or the grass that needs to be cut. It is in knowing that if I am to be like Jesus, then first I must be a servant. It is serving God’s love, showing compassion and love, mirroring God’s heart to this world.

Ministry is like a war and this one has at least three fronts. On front one, which is the frontline, where the battles for men’s souls are being waged, these are the spiritual and non-spiritual battles. On the second front, we have the war wounded; who need God’s loving compassion, His mercy and grace. On front three, this is the training of or equipping of soldiers for their place in the brotherhood of believers, in the battle against the enemy of our Lord, so fewer souls needlessly perish and become lost casualties of war.

This is done in many ways;  through the lives we live, that are strong in our own faith regardless of the level of personal persecution or afflictions we face. This is our testimony to the power of God in our own lives. Teaching by example, teaching both publicly and privately, we must prepare others for their role in the Kingdom; we are supposed to be a Kingdom of servants, not spectators. When we come along side people and mentor and train them in all forms of righteousness, helping them to maturity in Christ, then we can begin to see the indelible image of our Lord on the fabric of His bride.

Like I said this is just a glimpse of my heart and understanding of why I do what I do, no paper, book, speech, writing or website can give a full and complete understanding of a person's heart and philosophy of and for ministry, only a life lived out before God and man can do that. With that said my prayer is that through this snippet and through the whole of this ministry you can begin to get a more complete understanding of our heart and desire to see the lost come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to call wayward believers back to the narrow road.

All Scripture quotations taken from the NASB unless otherwise stated.

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